„My biggest mistake was selling Bitcoin,“ says Primo Rico, Thiago Nigro

Primo bought the digital gold, but ended up selling in a time perhaps not so ideal.

Many people have bought Bitcoin uptown and sold it downtown, but few comment publicly on this. In the case of Thiago Nigro, also known as Primo Rico, he stated that his biggest mistake in investments was to sell Bitcoin.

Known among traditional financial market investors, Nigro is one of the biggest financial youtubers of the country. With over 4 million followers on YouTube, Primo Rico shares his learning in its social networks and courses.

For him, however, the biggest investment ever made in his career was when he bought Bitcoin. By the peak of 2014, when few still knew the digital currency in Brazil, Primo had already bought his coins.

The biggest problem of the purchase, however, was the moment of the sale, he highlighted on Thursday (3).

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„My biggest mistake in investments was to sell Bitcoin in 2014“, stated Primo Rico

In 2019, Youtuber Thiago Nigro started to invest in Bitcoin in its Rumo ao Bilhão (The Road to the Billion) painting. At the time, Primo Rico invested $ 100 thousand in Bitcoin, which gave him 2.83 Bitcoins. Considering the price of Bitcoin today, the value would give 284 thousand, in other words, a valuation over 180%.

As he made investments for XDEX at the time, and the brokerage house closed its activities, Thiago had to sell his currencies. He did not comment anymore if he had invested in Bitcoin after this episode. At least not until today.

Primo Rico went to Twitter this Thursday night to regret a purchase of Bitcoin. In 2014, using the BitcoinToYou brokerage, Primo Rico would have bought Bitcoin for the first time.

For him, this was the most successful episode among his investments. His biggest success, however, is also his biggest mistake, because in 2014 Nigro sold his currencies in the market.

„My biggest hit in investments: Buy BTC in 2014.

My biggest mistake in investments: Selling BTC in 2014,“ said Youtuber Thiago Nigro.

He also presented a proof of his transaction to his followers. With username Thigas, his order would have been executed at the brokerage house on 01/07/2014. In the voucher it was not clear if it was the purchase or sale order made that fateful day.

How much was Bitcoin worth in 2014? Valuing from then on is surprising

In 2014, to the community’s surprise, Bitcoin started the year with a price close to a thousand dollars per unit. At the end of that year, however, each currency was worth only 310 dollars each (on average).

With a devaluation of 66% in the year, many gave up the currency at the time. One of them was Thiago Nigro, and considering the 01/07/2014, he sold (or bought) his Bitcoins for 648 dollars each.

Primo Rico didn’t make clear in his Twitter the amount he had at the time of his biggest mistake in investments. But considering the price of Bitcoin in U$ 19400 today, Primo Rico has lost at least 2800% of Bitcoin valuation since then.

He is one more to join the wall of lamentations of those who knew the currency and did not hold their digital economies believing in the future of the currency.